Membership Categories

No one may be denied membership because of race, sex, religion, color or creed.  Beginning November 1, 2018, membership renewal is effective for 365 days from payment. If you have any questions about joining Illinois MGMA, please e-mail

There are three categories of membership: 

ACTIVE members of Illinois MGMA are defined as: Any individual who works or formally supports (eg. consultant or accountant) on the administrative staff of a medical group, which is defined as an organized group of at one (1) licensed physicians who are engaged in the practice of medicine as a legally recognized entity, sharing business management, facilities, records and personnel.


AFFILIATE members of Illinois MGMA are defined as: Any individual employed by an organization that provides services as a vendor to medical group practices, or any individual who does not meet the requirements for active membership, but who subscribes to the purposes and activities of the Association. 


STUDENT members of Illinois MGMA are defined as: Any individual pursuing a Business, Accounting, Health Care Administration or Health Care Management degree and who is currently enrolled as a full time student at a college or university within the boundaries of the state of Illinois. (please note that Student Members must be prepared to provide Illinois MGMA a copy of their valid/current Student ID card as requested in order to confirm enrollment).

New for 2018: Illinois MGMA Organization Membership