2023 Fall Financial Conference:

Session Descriptions

Friday, November 10

5.5 ACMPE Credits Available


ILMGMA Membership Meeting and Welcome
Speaker: Jenny Kovich, Vice President, Illinois MGMA

Panel: Successful Strategies for Addressing Cost of Value Based Care
  • John Giertz, CMPE, Vice President of Physician Services, JCH Healthcare
  • Cathy Harte, MBA, FACMPE, System Director of Population Health, Southern Illinois Healthcare
  • Sarah Hartley, MHA, RHIA, CDEO, CRC, System Director, Ambulatory Risk Adjustment and Clinical Documentation Integrity, NorthShore – Edward-Elmhurst Health
Panel will discuss strategies to support successful participation in value-based programs, including primary care, inpatient and post-acute care strategies. Highlighted strategies include: Leveraging the electronic medical record, payer reporting, ADT notification, and other innovations assist providers in better performing under outcome reporting.

Navigating Financial Performance During Difficult Times
  • Taya Gordon, MBA, FACMPE, CMOM, Chief Revenue Cycle Officer
  • Kem Tolliver, FACMPE, CPC CMOM, CEO, Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists

There are six critical steps required to successfully navigate difficult financial waters: understanding the revenue cycle, identifying your current state, assessing how you got there, formulating a plan of attack, including technology, and getting the best out of your team. This session will dive into each of these six steps to provide attendees with actionable strategies to immediately deploy within their organizations to ensure financial success.

  1. Attendees will master an understanding of their revenue cycle by component so they can assess current state
  2. Attendees will identify methods to ascertain how their revenue cycles achieved current state and the best practices next steps toward improvement
  3. Attendees will gain a deep understanding of the gaps that exist for both staff and technology and how to derive solutions for those gaps

Boost Your Bottom Line: Discover Your Revenue Cycle Score and Unleash Your Winning Potential
Content Spotlight Sponsor: Veradigm (Formerly AllScripts)
Are you tired of playing the guessing game when it comes to improving your practices’ financials? Do you want to gain the competitive edge and optimize payments effortlessly? Join Veradigm's solution and unlock the secrets of the Revenue Cycle Scorecard. Discover how you can optimize payments, manage accountability, and drive your practice to victory in revenue cycle management.

The session will cover the following topics:
  • Learn why accountability is important in your revenue cycle management
  • Objectives & benefits of implementing a Revenue Cycle Scorecard
  • Gain an understanding of all stakeholders and their roles and establish an effective game plan for successful implementation

Your Physician Group Just Signed a Risk-Based Contract — HCC Coding Strategies
  • Lucy Zielinksi, Lumina Health Partners
  • Dan Marino, MBA, MHA, Lumina Health Partners
Risk-based contracts continue to expand within the healthcare industry, prompting a transition to value-based care. As more and more provider organizations engage in Medicare Advantage and other risk-based contracts, understanding quality and performance along with clinical workflow integration is critical to contract success. This session will dive into Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores and the impact of Hierarchical Condition Category codes (HCCs) on the ultimate goal of better patient care, as well as provide actionable insights for providers navigating this transformative shift.
After the session, participants will:
  • Understand why data (and the capture of HCCs) is critical to proactively build a prospective risk model
  • Learn the steps provider organizations must take to prepare for evolving payment models
  • Identify the importance of key stakeholder alignment to attain the goals of better care, lower cost, and improved care outcomes

Outsmarting the Current Staffing Crisis
Speaker: Christine Fontaine, Waystar
Healthcare leaders have been vocal about their challenges with hiring and retaining staff- especially those with knowledge in coding, billing and the overall revenue cycle.
This presentation will uncover:
  • Best practices in finding good candidates
  • Embracing remote work for RCM team members to help cast a wider net
  • Considerations for outsourcing RCM

Payer Panel
  • Medicare - Nathan Kennedy
  • Cigna - Irma Rodriguez & Charlotte Scott-Davis
Address questions and concerns that attendees may bring forth regarding fee-for-service Medicare during the current year or for the upcoming 2024 changes.