About the ILMGMA Member Communication Center

The Illinois MGMA Member Communication Center (MCC), powered by TopicBox, is a private group reserved ONLY for Illinois MGMA members. We expect our MCC to be an environment where our members can go to each other for the sharing of questions and information. We have made this process as easy as possible by allowing you access to the MCC through your own email editor. We do expect MCC participants to adhere to the member code of conduct and participation guidelines to ensure a positive experience for everyone and to help you make the best use this resource.

Your decision to participate as a member of Illinois MGMA and utilize our member benefits, including the MCC, indicates that you have read and accept, without limitation or qualification, the Illinois MGMA Code of Conduct. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible and can be held personally liable for your postings and agree to abide by the Illinois MGMA Code of Conduct and our Listserve Discussion Group Guidelines and Etiquette which can be found on our website at www.ilmgma.com.

If you see inappropriate content or behavior in our discussion forums, notify Illinois MGMA immediately by emailing jmay@maysquarellc.com.

If you believe that any materials published in the forums infringe the copyrights of others, please notify Illinois MGMA immediately by emailing jmay@maysquarellc.com.

Subscribing to the ILMGMA MCC

To subscribe to the ILMGMA Member Communication Center: visit this page, select the group(s) you'd like to join, click "Request to Join," then follow the instructions given. Please note that you MUST be a member of ILMGMA for your subscription to be approved. Not a member of ILMGMA? Join here.

Using the ILMGMA MCC

After you follow the above steps to create your account & join our groups, there are a few ways you can access and utilize our TopicBox:

  1. You can post or respond to posts in the group from ilmgma.topicbox.com, similar to posting in a forum. 
  2. You can post in the group directly from your email by sending your message to the email address shown near the bottom of the right sidebar of the group you want to post in (Under the "Email this Group" heading).

To manage notifications:

On the right sidebar of the group, you can edit your notification preferences by clicking "edit delivery options." This gives you the option to get an email every time a message is posted in the group, to opt for a daily summary of messages, or to access the TopicBox group on the web only. If you receive email notifications when posts are made in the group, you can reply to that email to post a response to the message.