Membership FAQs

Welcome to Illinois MGMA!

Below you will find answers to common questions about Illinois MGMA Membership. If you require additional assistance,

please contact us by calling Illinois MGMA at 877-275-6462 x9583 or emailing


I am a member of national MGMA. Does this mean I am a member of Illinois MGMA?

  • No. Membership with Illinois MGMA is separate from or in addition to your national MGMA membership.  Although MGMA and Illinois MGMA collaborate, we are independent organizations, each offering our own membership, benefits, events, webinars and membership dues. As of February 2020, Illinois is participating in a dual membership pilot with MGMA.  Please see our Dual Membership page for more information about this program.

How do I change my work or contact information?

  • Sign in to this web site using your Illinois MGMA username/password and update your information through the "My Account" section of your Member Center.

When do I renew my dues?

  • The date of your dues payment this year will become your renewal due date for next year. Click HERE for additional details regarding our current dues renewal process. 

Can I transfer my state membership to another individual?

  • No. Membership is individual, not corporate and cannot be transferred to another individual.